Net Entertainment-One of the Pioneers in the Online Gaming Industry!

NASDAQ listed gaming software company, Net Entertainment, have displayed inspirational leadership to the industry over the years.

Net Entertainment

They were one of the earliest companies to enter the gaming industry and today they are proud trend setters to hundreds of software companies who are making a foray into the industry.

Prime reason for their longevity in the industry and success could be their uncanny ability to foresee opportunities.

Do-it-Yourself Experiments

While Net Entertainment had the privilege of being one of the first to get into the business of online games, they did not stop with developing and marketing gaming software.

They ventured head long into the online gaming world by launching their online casino. This proved to be a master stroke, since now, they were not only developing gaming software, but were also in a position to fully know what online players desire.

Additionally, they were getting to know about the problems encountered by managements of online casinos. This expertise has helped Net Entertainment develop gaming software, which is both entertaining to the players and profitable to the businesses.

Quick Progressive Moves

In a wise and bold move, Net Entertainment shed off the online casino company-after about five years time-to solely concentrate on game development.

Though initially it looked like a setback to the company, in a very short period, the casino solutions they had rolled out under the brand-CasinoModule, began to rule the market.

The complete gaming solutions, provided by Net Entertainment have enjoyed top rating consistently for nearly a decade now, thus, becoming a premier choice for various online casinos in different parts of the globe.

Insulating Security Concerns

The foremost concern of online players today is the security and fairness aspect of online casinos. Managements of online casinos also wish to sincerely address this issue, since they are aware that if these are not taken care of the business would go bust.

Net Entertainment has employed independent auditors to verify the authenticity of the gaming results. Net Entertainment is also registered with the international ombudsman for gaming-eCOGRA.

Thus, players signing in with online casinos to play Mega Fortune slot, designed by Net Entertainment can feel assured about their safety and privacy.

A Collection of Stunning Games

Net Entertainment has the distinction of developing over 100 online games and is also the sponsor of online slots tournaments.

The essence of the games developed by Net Entertainment is the trendy themes, great visuals and outstanding entertainment for the players.

Further, Net Entertainment offer their games in Java, which means that the players are not required to download the games to play. Not to be left behind, now-in the age of Android phones, Net Entertainment has successfully developed games to be played on the mobile platform via their another successful product, NetEnt Touch.

Players are the Monarchs

Sustained success of Net Entertainment could be attributed to the vision and philosophy of the company. When developing a gaming site like Mega Fortune slot, Net Entertainment has taken good care to load tons of entertainment quotients for the players!