Things that You Need to Know, But No One Ever Tells You About Online Slot Games!

If you’ve played slot games a few times, then you’ve probably won a few times so far, even though they’ve been rather small in size.

These games are very easy to play and they are also a great deal of fun. The attractive sound effects and animation make them really interesting.

A common misconception about slot games is that these games simply do not generate any cash.

However, if you were to examine the payouts from a variety of casino games, then you’ll see that slots are actually better than the other games, especially when you consider that you can play them by wagering a very small amount of money.

No other games can match the bet to win ratio of slot games. One of the best things about slot games is that the payout is generally set by the manufacturer of the game, and not by the casino.

According to industry data, the house edge on slot games varies from 2% to 15% and the average is around 8%.

On the other hand, baccarat has a house edge of 14% and Keno can go all the way up to 30%.

Jackpots make it to the news not just because they are so large, but also because they happen so infrequently.

While jackpot sizes are around $10,000, progressive jackpots can be worth tens of thousands; they are definitely worth playing for and you’ll find yourself playing again and again.

What’s really good about these slots is that you can wager very small amounts every time you need to play.

There are plenty of actual instances of people earning a million or so pounds after wagering a mere 50p.

Mega Fortune is a very good slot game by Net Entertainment that offers a few good jackpots. This five reel game has 25 bet lines, and it is also the biggest pooled jackpot available in the market these days at €4,000,000.

The game also has two local jackpots. The appearance of the bonus wheel symbols on the Mega Fortune game screen is definitely worth being excited about because it can lead to quite a bit of money.

If you want to play this game, then you need to visit a casino run by a large operator.

Slot games don’t have any particular system to them and all you need to do is press the button to get the game started.

You can even set the game to play automatically so that you can wager amounts in rapid succession or as per your specific requirements.

All you need to do is fix the settings and the game will play by itself, hopefully accumulating small wins on the way.

Since the main reason to play slots or any other casino game is to have a great deal of fun, slots are the best games to give you what you want.

You can have a great time with a relatively small bank roll and without even having to learn any ‘systems’ that will help you win.

So, go ahead and select a slot game that suits your needs the best; if you are lucky then you will also earn some money!

Tried and Tested Tips to Finish with Money in Your Bankroll!

It is every slot player’s dream to win a large jackpot. After all, the money involved can be mouth-wateringly large!

If you have been playing slots regularly, then you may have realised by now that jackpots aren’t really that easy to come by.

However, even if you don’t get the major jackpot at slots, it should certainly be possible for you to earn good sums of money on a regular basis.

In fact, experienced players know that the key to making money is to total up lots of individual wins.

The following tips will definitely be of use to you if you want to see some money in hand when you finish a session of slot gaming.

Tip #1: Avoid Slot Gaming Systems

To start with, you should avoid slot gaming systems entirely. There is no shortage of these systems on the internet and while they make great promises, they can’t really help you win anything and they are just a waste of money.

It is very important to remember that the games are played on machines that are run by computer chips; there is therefore, absolutely no way that you can predict what the outcome of the game will be.

Tip #2: Choose Wisely

Play a slot game that you know gives excellent wins. Choose a game like Mega Fortune slot, which gives the biggest online pooled jackpot.

The game also has a really good free spin bonus that multiplies wins up to five times! There is indeed a whole lot of money to be won from Mega Fortune slot.

Tip #3: Control Your Losses

Work towards controlling your losses even if you cannot increase your winnings. Decide beforehand exactly how much you can afford to lose on any given day and play with only that amount.

This way, you won’t be unduly upset if you eventually lose all your money and you won’t feel compelled to wager more money.

Tip #4: Slow Down

Slow down so that you can keep a track of your winnings. If you have won a certain amount of money, then it is probably a good idea to stop playing so that you can take home the money, subject to terms and conditions of the casino.

If you were to continue playing, then you may just end up losing all the money you wagered.

There is no such thing as a winning streak and you can’t expect your ‘luck’ to hold simply by playing for long.

Tip #5: Understand the Terms and Conditions Thoroughly

Take the time to read up on the terms and conditions of the casino. You should also read up about the slot game in question, so that you know how to play the game correctly.

If you have read the game’s table of payments, then you’ll be able to keep a better track of your winnings.

You will definitely have a great deal of fun if you have the right attitude towards slot games and don’t get worked up if you are unable to win big.

Adjusting your expectations will help you enjoy slots tremendously, while you also make some money from playing.

Since enjoyment is a very important reason to play slots, be sure to choose a game that is really interesting and suits your requirements!

The Future of Slot Machines is Here-Out with the Coins, In with the Bills!

We all like changes in life, to break the monotony, and when the change incorporates improvements in the existing system; the changes are embraced with open arms.

At times, acceptance to the change is slow, but in a few instances, the acceptance is quick and overwhelming. This has been the case with the introduction of coinless slot machines too!

The Traditional Slot Machines

In the earlier days, for playing slot games, players had to insert coins in the assigned slot and roll over the arm of the slot machine.

Players had to go through the process of exchanging their bills in the counter for coins. Repeat use of the coins, made them soiled and worn out, drawing a frown from the players.

Replacement of coins was a costly affair for the casinos.

Now, to get over this problem, slot machines are modified to accept tickets, in place of coins.

The Coinless Operations

Among the many advantages of coinless slots is the ability of players to commence play quickly on entering a casino, without going through the rigours of getting coins from the casino keeper.

Players are merely required to insert the bill in the slot and immediately the amount is credited in to the players account in the slot machine.

Players can then start enjoying the game, till the lapse of the amount credited.

Tips for Using Coinless Slot Machines

Since these slot machines are quite new, not many people are aware of using them. Here are a few tips to get you started!

One disadvantage players find in the coinless slot is that they lose track of the money spent in the game.

Best way to overcome this hurdle is by wagering bills of lower denomination in the coinless slot machine.

Since players are deeply engrossed in the entertaining game of slots, it is natural for them not to keep track of the losses suffered by them, so, it is advisable for them to use bills of smaller values.

Moving to Different Slot Machines

By inserting lower denomination bills, players are not retained in a slot machine for too long.

Winning or losing at a slot, players automatically feel like moving to the next slot game, once their credit limit expires in a slot machine.

This allows the players to play on multiple slot games in a single day.

This may also help players from losing more from a machine and start winning from other slot machines, like the Mega Fortune slot.

Cardinal Rules for Redeeming the Casino Money

While casinos permit players to stop gaming at any time and redeem money left unspent in the casino, many times, players merely go through the motions of the game and spend their credits completely.

Once players start valuing their money, they will start enjoying their slot game more.

Basic Rules of Coinless Slot Machines

Players need to be prudent to ensure that the bills inserted are indeed inserted properly.

Similarly, when players opt for cash out, they should safely exchange their ticket for cash within the stipulated time.

And like in any casino game, players should always have a budget in mind to play the slot games, before starting on the coinless slot machines.

Do You Know What Online Casinos Profit from the Most? Read On to Find Out…

Like the case was with the brick and mortar casinos, where slots occupied the pride of the place, online casinos, are largely teeming with slot games too.

Since visitors to online casinos are increasingly showing a marked preference to slot games, online game developers are working overtime to create new and interesting variations of slot games.

Following in the footsteps of Microgaming, today hundreds of software developers are coming up with novel video slots to compete with popular games. For instance, Mega Fortune slot by Net Entertainment is one of the most well-known slots.

In fact, it has made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records for the maximum jackpot paid out to the tune of 17 million!

Online Slots-An Addiction

With the help of advanced software, now, the game of slots has undergone various modifications, which are benefitting mutually both, the casinos and the players.

Players are now able to get several hours of magical entertainment, which keeps them glued in front of their computers, endlessly.

This, as a result, benefits the numerous online casinos. Revenue for the casinos from slots alone, have more than doubled in about a decade’s time.

With players wishing to try out the different slots developed by various game providers, future for slot games and online casinos are indeed rosy.

Go in for the Jackpot!

An ultimate high a slot player desires is obviously, winning the big jackpot.

Since online casinos provide multiple pay lines to wager at a time, chances of progressing to the jackpot round increases significantly for the players.

But players are advised to be aware of a few facts like, winning at slots is purely by chance and not through any strategy.

Secondly players need to know that even during non-play, a computer continues to generate the random numbers and hence, within a nano second, possible number of combinations a computer can generate is almost in millions.

Hence, manipulating the sequence in slots is not within the realms of a human.

Pay Lines, Payouts and Entertainment

Unlike in a brick and mortar casino, where the pay line or the roll of slot is single or utmost double, in online casinos, pay lines, generally are in multiples.

Most online slots offer five, 10, 25, 100 and even 250 pay lines, enabling the player to simultaneously play with multiple lines.

Naturally, payouts from the slots are significantly higher too.

As the payouts are predefined in the software, the online casino has no control over them to manipulate or jeopardise the earnings of the player.

Thus, players are able to enjoy the entertainment of slots, without any risk of fraud.

Licensed Casinos

When players play from recognised casinos, which use software of companies that are under the audit of casino commission, players enjoy better protection and safety.

Here, due processes have to be followed by the casino, if the management wishes to alter any scheme of the licensed software.

These are intended to protect the players from nefarious designs of some fly by night operators.

Mutually Benefitting System

Since slots have become the biggest money spinners for casinos, presence of such governing systems is critical.

Presence of independent auditors has ensured that the confidence of players is not eroded. This in turn, has sustained the growth of online casinos.

Net Entertainment-One of the Pioneers in the Online Gaming Industry!

NASDAQ listed gaming software company, Net Entertainment, have displayed inspirational leadership to the industry over the years.

Net Entertainment

They were one of the earliest companies to enter the gaming industry and today they are proud trend setters to hundreds of software companies who are making a foray into the industry.

Prime reason for their longevity in the industry and success could be their uncanny ability to foresee opportunities.

Do-it-Yourself Experiments

While Net Entertainment had the privilege of being one of the first to get into the business of online games, they did not stop with developing and marketing gaming software.

They ventured head long into the online gaming world by launching their online casino. This proved to be a master stroke, since now, they were not only developing gaming software, but were also in a position to fully know what online players desire.

Additionally, they were getting to know about the problems encountered by managements of online casinos. This expertise has helped Net Entertainment develop gaming software, which is both entertaining to the players and profitable to the businesses.

Quick Progressive Moves

In a wise and bold move, Net Entertainment shed off the online casino company-after about five years time-to solely concentrate on game development.

Though initially it looked like a setback to the company, in a very short period, the casino solutions they had rolled out under the brand-CasinoModule, began to rule the market.

The complete gaming solutions, provided by Net Entertainment have enjoyed top rating consistently for nearly a decade now, thus, becoming a premier choice for various online casinos in different parts of the globe.

Insulating Security Concerns

The foremost concern of online players today is the security and fairness aspect of online casinos. Managements of online casinos also wish to sincerely address this issue, since they are aware that if these are not taken care of the business would go bust.

Net Entertainment has employed independent auditors to verify the authenticity of the gaming results. Net Entertainment is also registered with the international ombudsman for gaming-eCOGRA.

Thus, players signing in with online casinos to play Mega Fortune slot, designed by Net Entertainment can feel assured about their safety and privacy.

A Collection of Stunning Games

Net Entertainment has the distinction of developing over 100 online games and is also the sponsor of online slots tournaments.

The essence of the games developed by Net Entertainment is the trendy themes, great visuals and outstanding entertainment for the players.

Further, Net Entertainment offer their games in Java, which means that the players are not required to download the games to play. Not to be left behind, now-in the age of Android phones, Net Entertainment has successfully developed games to be played on the mobile platform via their another successful product, NetEnt Touch.

Players are the Monarchs

Sustained success of Net Entertainment could be attributed to the vision and philosophy of the company. When developing a gaming site like Mega Fortune slot, Net Entertainment has taken good care to load tons of entertainment quotients for the players!

Scatter Symbols-The Game-changing Symbols in Slot Games!

The outpouring enthusiasm that the slot games received from the days of its inception motivated the game designers to think of devising newer elements of surprise and fun for the players.

Scatter Symbols

This resulted in introduction of symbols, which represented fortune for the players. Red Cherry was conceived as the first scatter symbol in slot games, in classic three reel fruit games.

The very presence of these symbols meant gains for the players. Mere presence of these symbols without them having to appear in any order or design brought in windfalls to the players.

The Revolutionary Game-Changers!

Astute game developers realised that it was a win-win situation for them to introduce such fancy ideas to sustain the interest of players as well as to bring-in new players.

Hence, more scatter symbols were introduced in the slots. Advancement in gaming technology with the aid of the computers, further opened newer vistas to introduce highly colourful and interactive scatter symbols.

Video slot games running on computers ensure that there don’t need to be any restrictions on the number of scatter symbols in a slot game. It is truly a case of more the merrier now in the slot games, with liberal sprinkling of scatter symbols.

The Enticing Symbols

From the days of red cherries, scatter symbols have evolved now to glitzy interactive symbols in sync with the theme of the slot.

For example in Mega Fortune slot, the scatter symbol is the Mega Fortune Wheel and Champagne.

Such unique scatter symbols help the different slots to create and maintain their distinctive identity. Players therefore, look in the payout table for the details of the scatter symbols in the chosen slot game to know all about the existing scatter symbols, before commencing the game.

The Symbol of Triumph

Scatter symbol enjoys a status above all other symbols in a slot game. The scatter symbols are not required to appear in any set pattern to win rewards for the players.

Further, the scatter symbols are the only symbols, which cannot be replaced by the wild symbols in a slot game.

Thus, the scatter symbols play a very key role today in the slot games. Players are richer with awards ranging from free spins to bonus points and a chance to play in progressive slots and vie for jackpots!

Understanding Scatter Symbols

It is hence, quite important for the players to know the specific roles assigned to the different scatter symbols in slot games in order to maximise gains from their chose slot games.

It is advisable to thoroughly read the literature available at the online casinos to muster all the benefits that a scatter symbol comes with.

Experts also suggest that players should not hesitate to utilise the free games provided, as this gives a good feel of the game and would stand them in good stead in real play conditions.

So, the next time you play Mega Fortune slot, see that you get the most out of Mega Fortune Wheel and Champagne-the scatter symbols!

Wild Symbols are Proving to be Quite Beneficial in Slot Games!

Online version of the brick and mortar slot machines have been fine tuned in such a way to keep the game apt for the times.

Wild Symbols

Presence of interactive tools and right mix of colour and music have further enriched the gaming experience now. Creative icons employed on the screen to portray symbols like scatter and wild symbols help in creating the right ambience to enjoy online games.

Online slots have, however, ensured that the basic essence of the much-liked brick and mortar slots have not been unduly tinkered with. Thus, elements like wild symbols continue to exist in online slot games.

Conjuring with Symbols

Players utilise wild symbols to virtually pull out a rabbit from the hat, as wild symbols have the ability to replace symbols in the reels so as to make a winning sequence.

Except the scatter symbols-which themselves are money-earning symbols, wild symbols can substitute any other symbol present in the slot reel.

Thus, the wild symbols can be used handily by the players to win sizeable wagers in online slots. Online casinos have exclusive wild symbols adopting symbols matching their philosophy and theme. For instance, Yacht is the wild symbol in Mega Fortune slot.

The Winning Moves

Cardinal rule to succeed in online games is to be fully conversant with the rules of the casino. A player should routinely read the rules of the games to effectively use all the given tools for a winning cause.

When the wild symbols are efficiently used by the players, there is a cascading effect in fortunes, as the wild symbols not just add up, but also have multiplying consequences.

Depending on the prevailing circumstances, expert players use the wild symbols in racking up huge profits or to consistently win games, even if the resultant wagers are smaller in comparison.

The Next Generation of Wild Symbols

The grand reception given to the wild symbols have prompted online casinos to step up the stakes for the symbol, thereby creating bigger buzz among players.

Now casinos offer many special types of wild symbols like stacked wilds and expanding wilds, which take the slot games to newer heights.

Players are given the option of stacking, expanding or splitting the wilds to suit their game position and win huge bets.

The introduction of these new age wild symbols has transformed the games now from low to high on probability of winning.

Benefit from Random Fortunes

As the name-wild-is suggestive, from a virtual losing position; a player emerges to the pole position, by using the wild symbol tactically.

Wild symbol just not only takes up the value of the sequence required, but also serves in multiplying the rewards by several notches.

Thus, the role of wild symbols in online slot games is central to the players in winning the bets. Onus of identifying and using the wild symbols at the right juncture lies on the players. If the wild symbol Yacht in Mega Fortune slot is used effectively, winning millions would become that much easier!

A Glimpse into the History of the Modern Slot Machines and How They Changed the Face of Gambling!

While talking about the origin of slot machines, it is significant to note that the term ‘slot machine’ was earlier used for the gambling devices and vending machines. As the 20th century ushered in, the term was restricted to only gambling.

History of Slot Machines

Fruit Machine or One Armed Bandit are just a few nicknames given to these kinds of machines.

Turning back the pages of history reveal that the first coin operating devices based on poker were introduced in 1880s. Pitt and Sittman are known to have developed the forerunner of the modern version of slot machines in 1891 in Brooklyn.

In this machine, the gamer had to insert a nickel, pull the lever at the side and see the drums spinning fast. Since the machine did not have a direct pay out feature at that time, the bartender used to give prizes like cigar or a beer.

The Father of Slot Machines

Charles Fey is known to be the Father of Slot Machines because he invented the machine with an automatic cash payout system.

All the current machines are based on the machine with three spinning reels that Fey invented in 1898. This three reel machine had five unique symbols namely Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Horseshoes and the Liberty Bell. The symbol of Liberty Bell gave a new name to the slot machines, and they were popularly called the Liberty Bell machines back in the day.

A jackpot prize of 10 nickels was awarded to the player who was able to land three Liberty Bell symbols.

It is also known that various manufacturers of the United States copied the style of Fey’s three reel design of the slot machine. Gradually, Herbert Mills from Chicago came up with his invention, ‘Operator Bell’ machine in the year 1907.

Thus, it became common to see these ‘Bell’ machines in barber stores, bowling alleys, salons as well as at cigar shops.

The Fruit Machines  

The fruit machines came in to the picture after the alliance with Bell-Fruit Gum Company in 1912. Colourful and bright fruits on the reels replaced the outmoded card symbols.

This was done to keep the interest of the gamers intact and to bring about a better change in the gaming world. The fruit machine then paid out with fruit flavoured gums like oranges, cherries, apples, watermelons in place of cigars and drinks.

Another reason behind these fruit gums was to avoid anti-gambling laws of some specific states. At this time, the slot machines were called to be vending machines instead of gambling devices.

The Progress to Modern Slot Machines and Online Slot Games

While talking about today’s slot machines, it is appropriate to note that the modern players have a huge variety of machines and games.

The variety of games includes progressive slots, video poker, i-slots and big berthas just to name a few. In fact, online casinos have become the most preferred option for the games lovers. Currently, the online gaming industry is booming at a rapid speed and making new developments to serve the interest of passionate gamers. Mega Fortune is one such slot game that has already made players fortunes!

Thus, the history is explained and the present is being witnessed. However, the future and further innovation is yet to be seen when it comes to slot machines.

An Insight in to the Various Online Casinos that Offer Mega Fortune Video Slot!

Mega Fortune is an amazing video slot machine game with skill stop feature, major progressive jackpot, free spin bonus round and much other.

Where to Play

It is an instant play game with no download required and a lot of special features that can make you a millionaire. This five reel and 25 pay lines video slot has a royal theme that holds the attention of every gamer. The wild symbol of Mega Fortune is the Yacht that substitutes other symbols to create winning combinations.

The game offers only one winning combination per pay line and if there is more then, you get the value of the highest one. Another great thing about this slot is its scatter symbols, Champagne and Mega Fortune Wheel. They can be scattered anywhere on the five reels in order to complete the winning combinations.

Available to play at most Net Entertainment powered online casinos, you can enjoy playing Mega Fortune whenever you like.

Let’s take a look at four casinos that offer some of the best promotions and bonuses to their members looking to play Mega Fortune slot. Those who wish to try their hands on Mega Fortune slot can try playing at these casinos that are sure to offer an once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience for you.

#1-Cherry Casino

This casino offers Mega Fortune slot with a welcome bonus. Yes, you can get welcome bonus of 100% up to €200 on your first deposit in this casino.

In fact, it will double your first deposit and bonus will be activated immediately after making the deposit. For instance, if you make a deposit of €200, the casino will give you €400 to play with.

With the experience of more than a decade in the gaming world, this casino endeavours to create a responsible and fun gaming environment.

#2-Casino Maxi

It is another big name in the gaming industry. Get 100% welcome bonus up to €150 at the time of making your first deposit to play Mega Fortune slot.

Further, you will get monthly bonus after your first deposit every month after successful completion of one month of making initial deposit.

It also offers free spins on regular basis, which can be seen in the ‘My Bonuses’ section on the left menu. The casino has a strict rule of maintaining only a single account at a time.

#3-Casumo Casino

Whether it’s your tablet, mobile, PC or Mac, enjoy winning rewards with Mega Fortune slot. On your first deposit, the casino doubles the amount and even offers free spins on Starburst.

It comes up with new promotions every week and introduces fresh games frequently. Quick multilingual support is what makes this casino different from others and you can withdraw cash without any troubles.

As you reach higher levels of Mega Fortune slot, you can expect to gain higher rewards.

#4-Casino Loco

It is the only casino that offers welcome bonus of 150% on your initial deposit. Secure payments and fast withdrawals are just another feature of this incredible casino.

Gamers can easily get in touch with the crew of Casino Loco through Skype, phone, email or live chat. So, rush to grab huge jackpots and generous bonuses at Casino Loco and use them to play the ever-popular Mega Fortune slot.

Besides the abovementioned casinos, there are tons of casinos out there that you can play Mega Fortune slot. All you need to do is look for the one that provides you with a great gaming experience, in addition to their welcome bonuses!

Mega Fortune-Look Forward to the Special Features of this Five Reel Majestic Video Slot!

Mega Fortune video slot is one of the soaring slots in the gaming world. It is a five reel game with 25 pay lines and a maximum of four coins per line. So, you can effectively make the best winning combinations out of five spinning reels. You’re also able to enable an additional pay line every time when wager more coins.

Special Features

The game has a luxury theme and captivates the gamers’ attention with its Mega Jackpot. You can play Mega Fortune with real money in the denominations up to 0.50 per line or for free.

The maximum bet amount is 50 per spin, while the minimum stands at 0.01 per spin. The gamers are paid only for the winning combinations that appear on enabled pay lines.

Important Features of Mega Fortune Slot

  • Players can play from 1 to 25 pay lines
  • Highest win can be earned on every chosen pay line
  • Bonus and scatter game wins are later added to the wins of the pay lines
  • Some specific features might not run in Playing For Fun mode
  • Except for the Champagne scatter symbol and Mega Fortune Wheel, all other symbols are substituted by the Mighty Monkey wild symbol
  • All the payouts are made in accordance with the pay table
  • In case of malfunction, the entire plays and pays are void
  • Scatter awards are totally independent from pay line awards

The Mega Fortune Free Spin Bonus

The Free Spin Bonus round is activated with three or more Champagne scatter symbols that are scattered on the five reels. The wild symbol of this slot, The Yacht neither contributes in activating the Free Spin Bonus round nor substitutes the Champagne symbol to create better winning combinations.

Moreover, when the Bonus Round is activated, pay line selectors and all the other control buttons are disabled. The extra free spins in this round are spontaneously added to the present spins and the multiplier is also added to the current multiplier.

During this round, the maximum multiplier value is 5x. When you finish the Free Spin Bonus round, you are taken back to the Mega Fortune base game and the entire wins of the free spins are added to the win total.

The Mega Fortune Bonus Feature

Mega Fortune Bonus feature is triggered when three or more Mega Fortune Wheel scatter symbols appear. Note that, these symbols must appear in a consecutive order from left to right.

Here also, Yacht does not activate the bonus feature and never substitutes for the Mega Fortune Wheel symbol. To initiate the ‘Bonus Wheel’ spinning, gamers can click the ‘Spin’ button.

The outermost bonus wheel gives you an opportunity to earn bonus cash prize, while the second and third wheels makes you win Major Progressive Jackpots. The moment ‘Bonus Wheel’ halts on any of the jackpot, the gamer wins the jackpot and the bonus feature ends.

So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of the best online casinos that offer special bonuses and other promotional schemes to enjoy playing Mega Fortune, the majestic game ever!